The Path to Redemption Series


the Path to Redemption

historical novellas

The descendant of a Greek Titan. A reluctant shape shifting partner. Two decades behind in a deadly war.

Abigail Davenport, magic wielder and descendant of Hyperion, works from the comfort of her hidden island home after 100 years of fighting evil. There, no one can kill or torture the people she loves.


A twenty-year reprieve is about to end. A group of black magic wielders and legendary monsters joins forces to rock the earth to it's core.

Abigail returns to the fight, but must recruit a new partner. Tadeas Duarte, a Mayan Jaguar Guardian, trains street crews
and enjoys his quiet routine. Abigail must convince Tadeas to join the fight, although he's reluctant to use his shifting
abilities. Soon he realizes she's the most frustrating woman on earth, but together they might just have a chance in the war.

A dire warning from Gabriel, the Archangel, compels Abigail and Tadeas to cement their partnership and seek out the
hidden enemy. They travel from Boulder, Colorado to Paris, France in an effort to track down those who would sink the
earth to the depths of the oceans.

Together they will discover their enemies, experience the power of partnership and learn that sometimes,
you've got to have a little faith.

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