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Author's Note: I change this schedule constantly based on real life and issues that arise when publishing independently. This schedule is tentative. 

Planned Releases

July 30th Urban Magic Anthology, Hard Knock Vamp,
The Vampire Reject Prequel
September 10* Amazing Grace, Book 15, FToaTPQ (Final)
October 2019 Zero Hour (SoFaF prequel)
October 28, Vampin' Ain't Easy (LOTVR)
FToaTPQ Short Story Titles
*A Month of Sundays (Levi)
*Whoopsie Daisy (Bramble & Briar)
*Gimme Some Sugar (Luther & Betty)
*Miss Behavin' (Winnie)
*A Hot Mess (Troy and Amanda)
The Path to Redemption Titles
Reincarnation, Book 3 (2019)
Temptation, Book 4
Retribution, Book 5
Sedition, Book 6
Revelation, Book 7
The Path to Redemption Novella Titles
Transformation (2019)
The Psyche of Disaster Titles
Flood (2019)
Heat Wave
Wild Fire
Chronology of Fate Series
(Chronomancer Series)
FREE Prequel Short Story- *Pocketwatch
Out of the ATL Trilogy
Cop Out, Book 2
Tap Out, Book 3
The Rock Ballad Duet
Drum Solo
Front Man
The Rogue Cleric Trilogy
Devout, Book 1
Defiant, Book 2
Untitled, Book 3
Dog River Wolfpack(Trailerverse)
Wayward Son, FREE Prequel Short Story-Sept 2019
Bad Moon Rising
Midnight Rider
Flirtin' With Disaster
Born on the Bayou
Simple Man
Stories of Frost and Fire(Trailerverse)
Zero Hour, FREE Prequel Short Story-August 2019
First Flame- September 2019
Second Sight
Triple Threat
A Quartet of Queens
Final Flight
La Calavera (Trailerverse)
Death Mark (2019)
Cheat Death
Dead Even
Dead of Winter
Death's Kiss
Dead Silence
Death Angel
The Revival of the Sanhedrin (Trailerverse)
Purified by Truth (2020)
Empowered by Honor
Justified by Virtue
Also in development:
The Alchemist Heir Series (All that Glitters, Book 1)
The Legend of the Vampire Reject (Vampin' Ain't Easy, Book 1)
God of Gears- Steampunk/Gaslight (The Immortal Coil Series, Book 1)
Soul Escort Series
Children of Hyperion Series
Cimerrian Chronicles
....and many, many more!
Abbreviation Key:
FToaTPQ - Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen (Southern Urban Fantasy)
TPoD - The Psyche of Disaster (Psychological Thriller)
PtR - The Path to Redemption Series (Urban Fantasy)
OotATL - Out of the ATL Trilogy (Romantic Suspense)
RBD - Rock Ballad Duet (Romantic Suspense)
CoF - Chronology of Fate (Southern Urban Fantasy)
SoFaF- Stories of Frost and Fire (New Adult Urban Fantasy)
TRCT- The Rogue Cleric Trilogy (Dark Fantasy)
LOTVR- Legend of the Vampire Reject