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Whatever you do, don't eat Abigail's bacon.


Abigail Davenport, a magic wielder with a strange connection to the Archangels and the Fae, is looking for a new partner. She's chosen Tadeas Durate, a Mayan Jaguar Guardian. There's just a couple of problems. She lies to him to start off their relationship, and he refuses to shift.

A warning from Gabriel (yes, that Gabriel) forces Abigail and Tadeas to see past their differences. But can he get past their rocky start and accept the only person that has ever believed in him and his abilities? Can Abigail forgive Tadeas for eating her bacon? Come on, bacon is serious business.

With each day, their unknown enemies are gaining strength. By the time Tadeas and Abby work out their differences, it might be too late.

Together, Abby and Tadeas will discover the true face of evil, the power of partnership, and that sometimes you've just got to have faith.

The Path to Redemption Series is a big world urban fantasy story featuring angels, demons, legends of the First Peoples, Fae, Greek mythology, and shifters. Abomination, book one, will take you from the mountains of Colorado to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. Pick up Abomination today to start your journey on the Path to Redemption.

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Life is hard. Death is easy. Returning from the dead is a nightmare.

On July 4th, 1917, a Master Wizard catches Abigail Davenport, a powerful magic wielder for The Agency, off guard and brutally murders her. In her efforts to survive, she breaks one of magic’s cardinal rules. She pulls the life force out of one man and uses that power to kill another. This action creates a dark shadow on her soul. 
Through divine intervention, Abigail is resurrected, but she returns with that dark shadow which tries to destroy her completely. She places her faith in the one man on earth that despises her, Lincoln, an operative for The Agency. He attempts to help her cope not only with her death but with the dark shadow causing her nightmares. 
In this historical novella based in The Path to Redemption Series universe, Abigail’s only hope is to accept the darkness inside her before it consumes her. 


They threw stones at her.

She founded an empire.


Abigail Davenport, magic wielder and descendent of Helios, survived death. Everything else should be easy, right? Not when she gets tricked into participating in the Underworld's version of the Irish Harvest Games. Winning the games becomes not just life and death, but a matter of saving her soul. 


While recruiting her friend, Quinn, to be the first Eastern Hemisphere Magistrate, Abigail and her partner, Lincoln, are trapped in the Underworld by Áine, Queen of the Fae. Forced to participate in the games so she can leave the Underworld, Abigail receives help from an unlikely source, Myrddin. He was the basis of the ancient legends of Merlin, the great wizard. Abigail, a wielder of magic herself, is mesmerized by the great man, but he has secrets too. She has to decide if his help and affections are genuine or just another Fae trick.


She faces a self-absorbed queen, a death goddess and a distracted partner. While building the Foundation of the Agency, Abigail finds that if the foundation is to be solid, it must be built on a rock. She must become unbreakable as stone. 

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Premonition is an ability, but Intuition is a superpower.

Still reeling from the destruction of the Agency’s Boulder compound, Abigail Davenport and her partner, Tadeas Duarte escape to a safe house in Malibu, California to rest and regroup. Before they know it, the Agency is attacked again when the Atlanta proxy is assassinated, and they must travel to the East Coast to discover who killed him and why.

Abigail struggles with her decision to return to the fight as death and destruction follow her every move. The shadow that lies within her threatens to take over, and Tadeas is the only person that can keep her grounded. He must accept his role in the partnership while fighting his own personal feelings for her since she has forbidden a romantic relationship. 

Once in Atlanta, they uncover a plot that reaches to the very core of the Agency. Taking the advice of her longtime mentor, Jasper Samara, Abigail follows her instincts and goes on the offensive, not just on the evil tearing the Agency apart, but on the entity that controls it all, her grandfather, Hyperion. 




In 1941, the world is on fire from one front to the other with the current World War. Abigail and Lincoln respond to a fight in the desert of Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. Lincoln returns to help his people with Abigail in disguise. It isn’t long before the tribe realizes that she isn’t whom she claims to be, and they punish them both for their deception. Abigail must face a peyote-induced quest to save Lincoln’s reputation with his people. The end solution is something that neither of them expected.




Lincoln is sent to the battlefront to investigate a situation for Gregory Theodoard, the head of The Agency. He leaves Abigail behind reluctantly but knows she is safer on the island. However, Abigail goes on her own mission to thwart Nazi gold from passing through the port in Lisbon headed to the South American continent. When she receives a vision of Lincoln’s demise, she recruits her team including Jay Stafford to help her bring Lincoln home before its too late.


In the depths of World War II, Abigail and Lincoln fight the supernatural while the humans of the world kill each other. Will Abby get to Lincoln before its too late? Will her new friend Emrhys Donovan prove to be a help or hindrance? Will they all make it out of Wewelsburg Castle alive?


Deception & Devotion is a two-part historical novella based in the Redemption Universe.




Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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