Whatever you do, don't eat Abigail's bacon.


Abigail Davenport, a magic wielder with a strange connection to the Archangels and the Fae, is looking for a new partner. She's chosen Tadeas Durate, a Mayan Jaguar Guardian. There's just a couple of problems. She lies to him to start off their relationship, and he refuses to shift.

A warning from Gabriel (yes, that Gabriel) forces Abigail and Tadeas to see past their differences. But can he get past their rocky start and accept the only person that has ever believed in him and his abilities? Can Abigail forgive Tadeas for eating her bacon? Come on, bacon is serious business.

With each day, their unknown enemies are gaining strength. By the time Tadeas and Abby work out their differences, it might be too late.

Together, Abby and Tadeas will discover the true face of evil, the power of partnership, and that sometimes you've just got to have faith.

The Path to Redemption Series is a big world urban fantasy story featuring angels, demons, legends of the First Peoples, Fae, Greek mythology, and shifters. Abomination, book one, will take you from the mountains of Colorado to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. Pick up Abomination today to start your journey on the Path to Redemption.

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