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Character List

WARNING: Character descriptions may contain spoilers.

Main characters

Grace Ann Bryant

Grace Ann Bryant is an exiled Fairy Queen from the Otherworld. Her father is the King of Winter, Oberon. She was banished from her home, roaming the world before finally hiding out in a trailer park in Alabama. She is known as Gloriana by the other fairies. She also took the name Hannah while traveling with a band of fairy gypsies. 


Grace has a tattoo on her right forearm that features a ruby like jewel. The tattoo is made from special ink that she took from the Sanhedrin. It stores the power she needs from the Otherworld without having to draw power from the trees. 


She wears a glamour which makes her appear to be in her late twenties. She has brown hair and brown eyes. However, when she isn't wearing the glamour, she has platinum blonde hair and turquoise eyes like her father. Her tattoo also changes color with her winter powers to silver and blue.  

Sheriff Dylan Riggs

Dylan Riggs came to Shady Grove, Alabama to be its sheriff, and to keep up with the fairy queen that recently settled in the town. His unique abilities included a threat that would keep her in line should she try to cause trouble.

Dylan has had many aliases over the years. He was named Serafino Taranis by his Phoenix father and his Thunderbird mother. He is the last Phoenix and Thunderbird in the world. 

He has also gone by other names including Keme Rowtag. Grace just calls him Darlin'.

Levi Rearden

Levi Rearden is a changeling. The product of a human mother and a love talker fairy known as a Gancanagh. He was bestowed the powers of Bard by Oberon, King of the Winter Otherworld. 


Levi comes under Grace's protection after a tryst with a voodoo witch that uses his power to summon a demon. Levi and Grace become very close as they work together in Shady Grove to protect its citizens. 


Levi has a tattoo on his left shoulder featuring Grace's circular triquetra and Celtic knotwork laced with green jewels to represent his March 17th birthday. When 

Grace touches his tattoo or he touches hers they can share power. Levi calls it "swappin' gravy" which is a euphemism for having sex. 


Grace gave him the nickname, Dublin, after Dublin, Texas where he grew up.

secondary characters

Nestor Gwinn

Nestor Gwinn owns the Hot Tin Roof Bar in Shady Grove, Alabama. It is the only watering hole in the entire town. Nestor is a kelpie and serves magical coffee. 

Jeremiah Freyman

Jeremiah Freyman is a member of the Sanhedrin. Jeremiah recruits Dylan, Grace, and Levi to come to Shady Grove. It is later revealed that he was once known as Tristan, a knight of the round table.

Troy Maynard

Troy Maynard became friends with Dylan Riggs when Dylan became the sheriff of Shady Grove. Troy was a fellow officer and a wolf shapeshifter.

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is Dylan Rigg's ex-girlfriend. She is a summer fairy royal. She hates Grace Ann with a passion. She is one of the daughters of Rhiannon, the Summer Queen.

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