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Three vampire realms. A shift in the balance of power. And one reject.


Malik Demonbreun, the rejected heir of the Southern Vampire Realm, is thrown in the center of a deadly controversy, which may cost him his life. Again.

Malik sleeps during daylight and drives a wrecker at night. When his father forces him to return home, he becomes the focus of a deadly bid for a change of leadership within the realms. With no idea who is friend or foe, Malik searches for a way back to his disavowed life. But each step he takes moves him closer to his father's throne. A throne that Malik has never wanted.

He had no claim to riches in the reject life. But at least he wasn't living in a sick game of fifty ways to kill a vampire. He never thought he'd miss licking the blood from the seats of wrecked vehicles. One thing was for sure, rich or reject, Vampin' Ain't Easy.

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Malik Demonbreun is right where he didn't want to be: on his father's throne.

The dust settles after the chaotic change of power within the hierarchy of the vampires, however, the southern realm has a whole new problem.

A vampire is killing humans in the open. 

Since it is happening within Malik's realm, he is forced to hunt down one of his own while navigating the challenges of being the leader of the Southern Realm. His father is too busy enjoying his retirement. Tierney is establishing her power in the East. The leader of the North is suspiciously quiet, but the leader of the West won't shut the...well, you get it.

Is the murderer a member of Malik's nobles? Can he prove his ability to rule without compromising his values? Will he always be the reject fighting to keep control?

In Get Your Vamp On, book two of The Legend of the Vampire Reject, Malik has to decide what kind of leader he will be: foundering reject or ruthless commander.

Vamp it Like it's Hot 6x9 ebook



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