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The country’s best CEO has finally met her match. Will it be her greatest achievement or her undoing?

Alexandra Malone, Atlanta’s celebrity CEO, has the business world at her fingertips. In the interest of good business, Alexa uses Malone Enterprises to help her own supplier and subsidiary companies in times of need. Her success has made her a star, not only in the business world.



When she sets out to help the almost bankrupt Bright Technologies, she doesn’t calculate on its playboy CEO, Synclair James Elliot, being so defiant. She also finds out that he has made an unfortunate deal with the Mexican Cartel. The last thing she could have predicted is that her heart would get involved. Should she listen to her business sense and ditch Bright Technologies or follow her heart to Jamey’s arms even at the cost of losing her own company?


BAILOUT is the first book in the Out of the ATL Romantic Suspense Trilogy. If you want something different from your normal love story, this book has intense highs and lows with a powerful female lead. You will not want to put down Kimbra Swain's newest romantic suspense!


***Bailout is a stand-alone, enemies to lovers romantic suspense with sensitive issues and an HEA***

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