• Kimbra Swain

Intuition Finished!

Book 2 of the Path to Redemption Series is finished, and I anticipate receiving it back from my editor this weekend. My plans are to publish it on November 19th. For the first 3 days of it being published, I will offer Abomination, Book 1 for $.99. I'm so excited about the continuation of Abigail and Tadeas' adventure.

If you want to know more about Abigail's past, read Restoration which takes place shortly after her death and is available on Amazon for only $.99.

Foundation, a Historical Novel, is available for free on my website.

I suggest reading both of these after Abomination, but before Intuition comes out on November 19th!

Thanks so much to Hampton at who creates my book covers. I love you, Hampton. You are the best.

Lastly, coming in December, I will introduce to the world, Grace Ann Bryant. A fairy queen in exile. She's hiding out in the least likely place, a trailer park in Alabama. The Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen is fun and exciting! I can't wait for everyone to read these! The cover for the first book, Bless Your Heart will be revealed next week!

It's a busy time for me with so much going on. I'm also participating in the NaNoWriMo. Supporting new novelists and encouraging new writers to get on a routine. I'm finishing up Bless Your Heart for the challenge, as well as, beginning work on Book 3, Reincarnation!

Please feel free to email me at: or contact me on Facebook if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas about my writing. I'm new at this and excited for any and all feedback.

If you purchase my book and read it, I encourage you to leave an honest review on Amazon.

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