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Future Plans (And a good deal!)

Good afternoon readers! I'm so excited for the coming year. I am currently completing 5 different books at once in various stages of production.

First off the good deal!

Jan. 6th, Bless Your Heart will be on Amazon's Daily Deals. It will be only $.99! The reviews are starting to come in for the book, and everyone loves it. That thrills my author heart to bits!

Book 3 of Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park: Snake in the Grass

This book is complete. After a final run through for myself, I'll be sending this one to the editor and my Beta group. (If you are interested in Beta reading, please email me,

There will be a cover reveal for this 3rd book very, very soon. My artist, Hampton from TS95 Studios, is working on it now! I'm so excited to see his work.

Book 3 of The Path to Redemption Series: Reincarnation

After writing three books in a row for the trailer park series, I'm anxious to get back to this Urban Fantasy focused series. I love the characters so much in these books. We will see Abigail and Tadeas' relationship progress, and they will finally get to go home to the island to everyone's favorite retired angel, George. This book should be out in February.

Romantic Thrillers

After doing a few test stories for some of my beta readers, I'm going to be releasing a few romantic thriller/suspense books this year. They will have the same heat factor as my Urban Fantasy series, in that, there will be a lot of on the page flirting and foreplay, but the naughty bits will be off page.

The main series of these books, which I have the first book almost complete, is called Out of the ATL. I hope to see these published all at once in February.

All three books will be based in Atlanta, Georgia. The trilogy will be a loosely connected, but stand alone type series where you could read any of the books, and still get the picture, but the characters are interconnected.

Bail Out! (Book One)

Alexandra Malone has made a name for herself in the business community, not only in Atlanta, but across the country. As CEO of Malone Enterprises, tries to separate her name from the previous CEOs, her parents.

As part of the business, she helps suppliers businesses stay profitable. She's jumped to help Bright Enterprises and their new, young CEO, Synclair James Elliot, a known playboy in Hotlanta. Jamey's business is not only in financial trouble, but Alexa finds that Jamey's business deals has tied him up with the Mexican Mafia. It doesn't help that he despises the air she breathes.

As she tries to untangle the ties to the mafia, she is faced with a past decision to leave her previous company and former fiance. A dark secret threatens to reveal itself which would ruin her business and any hope of a romantic relationship.

Alexa must find the power within herself to face up to Jamey, her family, her business and her enemies in the first of the Out of the ATL series, Bail Out!

Cop Out! (Book Two)

Garrett Shepherd couldn't be happier for his former girlfriend, Alexandra Malone, but he's still a good cop with a good heart. He emerses himself in his work as a detective for the Atlanta PD. Alexandra's discoveries about the Mexican Mafia leads Garrett to a smuggling ring that specializes in human trafficking along with guns and drugs.

During his off time, he works out at the gym with Alexa's brother, Sebastian, his best friend. A new instructor at the gym catches his eye, Mercedes Gutierrez. Soon he discovers that Sadie's instructor job is just her day job, and that she has deep ties to the smuggling ring.

Garrett must decide to stay true to his protection oath with the police department and hunt down his new girlfriend or walk away from the police department for the woman that he loves.

Tap Out! (Book Three)

Sebastian Malone, brother of Alexandra Malone and private investigator, after leaving his sister’s company, finds peace in the violent sport of MMA. He’s drawn to the training and skill, but finds the deeper parts of the sport to be intertwined with illegal activities. After being invited to his first unsanctioned fight, he’s addicted to the thrill of fighting with his bare hands with no rules. Just what he needs to let off some steam. His friend Garrett Shepherd, Atlanta PD Detective, is engaged to a personal trainer at their gym. He asks Sebastian to help him track down the fighting ring’s leaders. Together they delve into the dark world of underground MMA.

An old flame, Kelly Tolbert (cousin to his sister’s husband, Jamey Elliot), re-enters his life looking for the same peace after the fall-out of the events in Bail Out. Only he meets her face to face in an underground, unsanctioned fight in the ring.

Sebastian must decide to forgive Kelly for her past with his sister/brother-in-law or let her fall prey to the violence in the underground fight club.

There is a new Urban Fantasy series that I'm working on where the only magic in the world of the book is time based. I'm looking forward to delving into history and the present, and how these worlds are interconnected with Fate. The Chronology of Fate will focus on a group of chronomancers and a Southern Criminal Court Judge named Carlisle Leighton Wellsley or Carly as her friends call her. She meets one of these chronomancers, Rhett Hawthorne, who opens her eyes to a world she didn't know existed. There's no going back after that knowledge is dropped in her lap.

Happy New Year to Everyone! Happy Reading!

As always thanks for your time and support!


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