• Kimbra Swain

Release Date for Comin' Up a Cloud

Comin' Up a Cloud will roll in on April 6th!

I've received the Comin' Up a Cloud manuscript back from my editor, and it will go out out to my Beta readers today.

If you are interested in joining my Launch Team which will have giveaways when the book is released, please follow the link below!


After the death that no one expected, Grace and Company have to gather together to weather the storm!

Grace's responsibilities are increasing as Shady Grove takes on exiles from the war-torn Otherworld, but her own problems increase as she fights to keep the loyalty of her servants.

The separation of races is causing a huge problem for Chris Purcell, the were-hog, and his wife, Henrietta. Chris, Lamar, and a mysterious stranger have angered a sylph elemental, leaving Grace to deal with it as she struggles with conflicts among those closest to her.

As spring approaches, the storm clouds gather in Shady Grove. Grace is learning to use her new gifts, but will she figure it out too late? Will a supernatural twister obliterate the town of Shady Grove?

Watch out Shady Grove, it's Comin' Up A Cloud!

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