• Kimbra Swain


I thought this post would be a hurrah post about the cover reveal for Reincarnation, Book 3 of the Path to Redemption Series. However, it's going to be that, plus a little more information.

Abomination was my first book, and I'm humble enough to admit that it wasn't perfect. The story is fantastic, but I've re-read it recently as I've been writing Reincarnation, I've found things about the telling of the story that I didn't like. My writing has progressed, and I want to do The Path to Redemption Series the justice that it deserves. I think it has the potential to be a HUGE Urban Fantasy hit, but I've pulled it from Amazon today.


I know right? I'm doing a full re-write on Abomination. The story will remain intact, but the style will change to what I've developed over the past year. This summer I plan to relaunch Abomination along with the entire collection, including Reincarnation. I'll also have another historical novella ready called Deception & Devotion. You will love it. It's a film noir ode with lies, spies and Nazis during World War II. It's been a lot of fun to write.

As I promised, here is the cover for Reincarnation which will be Tadeas' coming of age book. Now he's already a powerful jaguar shifter, but he's been skirting along on borrowed confidence with Abigail. It's time for him to shine. Therefore, I told Hampton my designer that I wanted him front and center for this cover. I love the cover. It's perfect.

Abby and Tadeas will visit his birthplace in Guatemala. There will be blood. There will be sacrifice. There will be death, but the question is, can Abby and Tadeas survive it?

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