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Mid-Week Info Blog - 3/31/21

Hello Kimbragade!

I thought I'd try to help the flow of info by posting updates on all the things in my author world.

  1. Born on the Bayou - Book 4 of Dog River Wolfpack is currently in progress. I do not have a release date yet.

  2. Stone in the Cask - Book 2 of The Alchemist Heir is also in progress for Argento.

  3. I've started on the first epilogue for Quartet of Queens.

  4. The second epilogue will be completed with the first is.

  5. Crates - I began packing crates on Sunday. While the items in this crate are of a higher value, they all are relatively flat, and I ended up having to use tissue paper to help as filler. I ran out of paper, and I'm waiting on a delivery from Amazon to complete packing the crates.

  6. Invoices for the last live rock sale are being typed up and will be sent to you soon. There were 33 individual buyers, so it takes a little time.

  7. All calendar refunds have been processed.

  8. All orders from the Oddities Store have been prepared and will ship Thursday, April 1st. (Excluding crates.) If you bought something in the rock sale, your orders will be combined.

  9. I will be working through Customer Service reports on Monday for Oddities Emporium.

  10. The Reading Challenge will be announced on April 2nd. Please vote in the poll to choose your favorite theme for the month of April.

  11. Because Born on the Bayou isn't finished, please do not submit your March reads so that you can include the book.

  12. Next up will be Bone Dice, Book 2 of the Oddities Emporium. Let's just say that Jakob has style in tweed, but swagger in a tux. ;)

Feel free to comment on the blog with any other questions. Please don't PM me. Check with an admin first, then as a last resort send me a message. I'm beginning to lose messages because I get too many.

Finally, this post will be a regular thing until we can find a better way to control information to you. Facebook group is so full of interaction and fun stuff that the important stuff. So, I'm going to use this as a reference point for the important stuff.

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