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The Psyche of Disaster Series is a suspense thriller series with a mix of romance. This series explores the parallels between natural disasters and the human psychological state. 


Buried in grief, Brett Galloway, CEO of the Midwest's largest lumber producer, survives his pain by walling off his emotions.

His coveted routine shatters when Jacelyn Ramsey interrupts his delicate existence. His brother, Ethan, carries her into their home after rescuing her from an avalanche that cuts their community off from civilization. The brothers wonder how a fragile, barefoot woman ended up on their side of the pass.

When Brett discovers the scars that mark her body, his desire to save her pushes his carefully crafted limits. For better or worse, he knows his life will never be the same.

There are only two ways to survive bring buried by an avalanche. Either you are pulled from the cold grave by human hands or the snow impossibly melts around you.

Can Brett and Jacelyn save each other from grief and pain, or are they flirting with disaster?



Mallory Chastain has a perfect life. Rich boyfriend. Designer dresses. Romance novel worthy sex, but none of it is real. Her utopia shatters when her billionaire boss/boyfriend is murdered in an alleyway behind a charity event. She barely survives the attack but awakens to find the world turned upside down. 

Stephen Quinlan is one of the country's brightest talents in the field of biomedicine. A tragedy strikes which causes Stephen to revert to himself. His brain works overtime to keep his social anxiety at bay. When he meets the ruined Mallory Chastain, he has to choose whether to save her life or dig into his comfort spot. 

Floods cause more deaths in the United States than all other disasters besides extreme heat. 64% of those deaths are from people trying to cross an already flooded road.

What seems to be a budding romance between the two is just the beginning of a tangled web of lies, miscommunications, and death. Mallory battles the voices in her head that tell her to end it all, while Stephen's voices spout random, useless facts. Will Stephen reach through his own deluge to rescue Mallory, or will the both drown in their inundating disaster?

Flood: The Psyche of Disaster is a stand-alone psychological thriller focusing on the topics of depression, stress, social anxiety, and suicide.

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