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Pounding drums and banging women.


            Lee Colin “Lynk” Everett lives his motto as the drummer for the multi-platinum rock band, Split. After a wild concert in London and a smashing good time in the sheets, Lynk awakens to find his rock-n-roll lifestyle has tragically changed.


            The plane carrying the other members of Split disappears over the Atlantic Ocean on its way back to the United States. Lynk retreats to his mother’s home in Florida to weigh his options going forward. With record executives begging him to return to Los Angeles, he decides to give it some time before he decides while his legions of fans eagerly wait.


Band or no band, I have always played alone.


           Lynk’s former best friend, Cason Parker, invites him to rejoin their band. However, Lynk hates the music Case’s band plays. Plus, Case’s sister, Skylar is still off-limits no matter how much Lynk wants her and despite that she wears another man’s ring on her finger.


           While sorting his feelings for Skylar, rumors spread that the plane carrying Split was sabotaged, and Case might have had a part in its demise. In desperation, Case offers to transform the band to get his best friend back. With his fans begging for his return, Lynk fights his desire to play music with his desire for the one woman he can’t have.


Skylar or Drums? Either way, Lynk Everett is destined to Drum Solo.


Drum Solo is book one of the Rock Ballad Duet,

a romantic suspense by Kimbra Swain.


I stand before millions, living a lie.


            Years ago, Cason Parker catches his best friend, Lynk Everett, in bed with his sister, Skylar. They fight over her, the band, and everything else they’ve experienced together since childhood. Without a second thought, Lynk leaves the band to pursue his dream. Case, the lead singer of Duplicity, gives up his passion for the hardcore beats of rock-n-roll to make billions catering to a younger generation tuned into pop music. After Lynk leaves, Case’s life spirals into a souless repeat chorus as he trudges from city to city on tour. His facade begins to be harder and harder to hold.


            Determined to live the rock-n-roll lifestyle despite his pop status, Case indulges his base desires, but finds no happiness in the drugs, alcohol, and sex. Lynk could always bring him back from the brink. Without his best friend, the music that once played in his soul is silenced.


No one sees the real me.


            After making moves to get Lynk back as his drummer, Case finds himself in a tangled web of deception revolving around the untimely deaths of Lynk’s band, Split. He has to explain his actions not only to Lynk, but to the authorities. As his goal is within reach, Lynk returns to Florida and sets sights on Skylar once again. Case’s rage reaches a crescendo.


            Realizing his one-time friend was the only one that ever knew him, he offers Lynk a spot in Duplicity with the promise to recreate the band to feature the music they both love. However, Lynk’s determination to win Skylar leaves the offer unanswered. Will his best friend choose his sister or will Lynk help him reprise the music of his soul?


Is Cason Parker destined to be just a Front Man?


Front Man is the conclusion to Kimbra Swain's

Rock Ballad Duet, a Romaniic Suspense.

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