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What do you get when you mix alchemy with a scientist?

As a biology professor and a researcher on the cutting edge of biotechnology, Galan Faraday never imagined he’d be back home in Kentucky running a bourbon distillery or dealing with lunatic alchemists.

When Galan returns to Kentucky for his uncle’s funeral, he discovers that he’s been left the distillery and his uncle’s assets. He quickly sees a pattern of destruction left by a group of so-called alchemists that are tied to the distillery. His living relatives try to steal his inheritance; his parents can’t take time from their vacation to show up for the funeral; and someone is dosing people with a very potent elixir that causes mental distress leading to death. As a serious scientist, Galan believes none of this magical nonsense.

Until he sees it for himself.

Following the clues left behind by his Uncle Augie, Galan discovers a hidden level of the Faraday Distillery. Deep below the fermenters and stills, the world of the Alchemist Guild resides. And guess who is their new Master Alchemist?

Galan is going to need more than a flask of Faraday’s best, Magnum Opus, to get him through this.

Flask of the Master is an urban fantasy thriller. It is the first book in the Alchemist Heir series written by Kimbra Swain for Argento Publishing.

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