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Scorned by her family.

Banished by her kind.

Hunted by zealots.


Where does an exiled Fairy Queen hide?


A remote mountain cabin, the seedy underbelly of a metropolis, or an uninhabited island. All would be good choices, however, after hundreds of years on the run, the daughter of Oberon, King of the Wild Fairies, signs a binding contract with the zealots that hunt her. In exchange, they allow her to settle down in the last place anyone would look for fairy royalty.



Adopting the name Grace Ann Bryant, the Queen buys a double-wide and moves into a trailer park in the one-horse town of Shady Grove, Alabama. Her contract requires her to lend aid to the local sheriff, Dylan Riggs, when supernatural problems arise.


But when two children go missing, the humans point to the trailer park queen helping the sheriff, and the zealots point at the exiled fairy. Grace must decide whether to fight for her innocence or break her contract returning to life on the run.


Bless Your Heart is a Southern Urban Fantasy that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh until you cry, as Grace wrestles with the dark fairy inside herself and starts to see that she’s more than just trailer trash.

Can't a Fairy Queen have a Happy Holiday?

After accepting her role as Queen of the Exiles, Grace Ann Bryant finds that Shady Grove has become the haven for all supernatural misfits. While swearing to protect them all, she decides some of them aren't worth the trouble.

While plans for the holidays are in full swing, a daily menace visits Shady Grove starting 13 days before Christmas. Plus, Grace is sick for the first time in her long life. And she might get some sleep, if her bard, Levi would quit banging his new girlfriend the trailer. 

This hilariously mad romp leading up to Christmas Day has lots of love, giving and havoc!


Shady Grove is having a fairy election!

The warning siren blares across Shady Grove, and Grace Ann's trailer sits in the path of a supernatural storm.

A storm is brewing in Shady Grove, Alabama. Spring has arrived, and Grace Ann Bryant's days are filled with crabby council members, a brooding bard, turbulent townspeople, and a pouting phoenix. At least her daughter is having a great time with the pixie that she caught. So much for that mom to daughter, heart to heart talk about fairies. 

Grace is neck deep in the issues of Shady Grove and her family. The last thing she needed was a wind sylph determined to destroy Shady Grove. The crew has to find out what got her panties in a wad while a mysterious man lurks around town. Grace is sure she knows him. Everyone insists that she give him some room, but she's tired of being told what to do. It's time Grace takes things into her own hands.

The winds are picking up in Shady Grove. Will Grace and the town survive the tumult? Watch out, Shady Grove! It's comin' up a cloud.

Book Five: Gully Washer (Coming in June 2018)

As spring rains cause the swamps to rise, Shady Grove and its citizens decide that it might be best to shut off the town from the rest of the human world. Grace Ann Bryant, the Queen of the Exiles, and Levi Rearden, her bard, unsuccessfully attempt to protect the town with a huge ward. They need the songbook that Jeremiah Freyman took into the Otherworld, but do they risk the unknown to retrieve the book from the Summer Realm. 

During the midst of this crisis, Grace’s nemesis, Stephanie Davis, returns to Shady Grove despite being banished with a shocking announcement. Following her arrival, a flood of new problems including a traitor in the fairy council plague Grace’s life. How will Grace handle the nastier parts of her duties as queen? Can she make the tough decisions even if it means sending her servants into the Otherworld or executing a traitor? Will her father’s power drain her has it had once before?

Dylan, Levi, and Grace tread water while trying to keep the town from sinking in Gully Washer, Book 5 of The Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen. 

Just a warning, Kimbra Swain’s fifth installment of the series ends with a cliffhanger. However, Moonshine in a Mason Jar, Book 6 of The Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen, will be released June 2nd. Then, on June 23rd, Hotter Than Blue Blazes, Book 7 will come out. Hold on for a crazy ride in this story arc for everyone’s favorite southern, sassy, exiled fairy queen, Grace Ann Bryant.

Grace and company face enough rain and

turmoil to swallow Shady Grove whole.

Just when you Thought you knew the Whole story...

Once upon a time, there was a sheriff who was brought to a town full of fairies to keep the naïve fairy queen in check. His abilities could crush her life in an instant. Dylan Riggs was recruited by the Sanhedrin to keep daily watch of the exiled fairy queen known as Grace Ann Bryant. They sold him a fairy tale of a town full of fairies where he could settle down and produce an heir.

However, from the moment Dylan Riggs walked into town he made mistake after mistake. He found himself entangled with a dangerous and selfish fairy queen. His daily reminder that he made the wrong choice taunted him as his “partner” on supernatural cases. How did he shed the consequences of his mistakes to find himself with the only woman he has ever loved? What sacrifices were required to keep her safe as she plodded around obvious to the danger lurking around her life? 

Moonshine in a Mason Jar is Dylan Riggs' story. You just thought you knew everything about Shady Grove’s Phoenix Sheriff. From the day he walks into Shady Grove until the days following his birthday party, Dylan’s story comes to light in this book. Moonshine is about finding the truth and realizing it isn’t always what you thought it was. 

Kimbra Swain’s Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen continues with Book 6, Moonshine in a Mason Jar. This fresh take on the world of fairies is a sassy, Southern Urban Fantasy. The next book, Hotter Than Blue Blazes, will be released in late June.

Hell would have to freeze over for Grace Ann Bryant to visit the Otherworld.

Somebody get the Devil a blanket because the lake of fire is an ice skating rink. 


With the disappearance of her brother, her bard, and her fiance, Grace decides her only option is to take a trip to the Summer realm to find her brother, Finley. She also needs to take Devin, the abandoned fairy child, to his father.

With a band of merry misfits, Grace travels to the summer realm where the Queen welcomes them with an orgasmic party. Ignoring the Queen’s slight, Grace focuses on her two missions: get the songbook written by the Bard, Taliesin, and find her brother. The missions are delayed by the Summer Queen and sidetracked by the Tree of Life. Dealing with her rapidly expanding baby bump ends up being the easy part of the mission. The last thing she wants to do is have the baby in the Summer Realm.
While in Summer, Grace finds a new friend, Astor, who tells her the secrets that her father and those around her have been keeping from her. The revelations change Grace’s perspective of her struggle as a fairy monarch. Will she choose to continue as the Queen of the Exiles or will she decide to take back her father’s kingdom? Does Levi come home? Will she find out what happened to Dylan?

Hotter than Blue Blazes is the seventh book in Kimbra Swain’s Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen. Read it today on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, but you probably want to buy a box of tissues before you do. 

Sight for Sore Eyes, the eighth book in the series, will be released in August 2018.

Life goes on after tragedy. Fairy Life goes to Hell in a handbasket.

Struggling to balance life as a mom and a queen, Grace Ann Bryant leans on those whom she trusts the most to protect her children. Astor, who returned from Summer with her, has taken up nanny duties for Aydan and Winnie while Levi has turned into her constant shadow. However, she’s made her decision to take back the Otherworld. Before she even sets her plan in motion, a dead human shows up within the protective wards of Shady Grove.


The eyeless corpse sets off a curse that pits longtime friends against each other. Petty arguments escalate quickly, and the town begins to tear itself apart from the inside. All the while, someone is leaving haunting objects around town for Grace. Holding it together, she pushes back her grief, again and again, focusing on her children and Shady Grove.


Side-by-side, Grace and Levi search out the culprit who enacted the curse as she waits for Levi to tell her what happened to him while in the Otherworld. The Evil Eye has come to Shady Grove, and the Queen of the Exiles will discover the truth about Levi’s scars and face their maker in a curse-charged battle.


Sight for Sore Eyes is about the things you can see, the things you can’t see, and the things you refuse to see. Will Levi and Grace stop the curse on Shady Grove? Why is there a fairy town in the middle of Alabama? Will Grace ever see Dylan again? Sight for Sore Eyes is Book 8 of the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen by Kimbra Swain.

As Samhain approaches, the veil thins and dark beings cross into the town of Shady Grove.

Just when her enemies thought they broke her, Grace Ann Bryant shows them an inner strength that they didn't know she possessed.

After the devastating events of the midsummer bonfire, Grace battles her emotions along with several new enemies include a so-called friend. While juggling a fiery Winnie and a growing Aydan, Grace leans hard on those she trusts, and she trusts no one more than her bard, Levi Rearden.

As a band of ghouls comes to collect, red-cloaked witches plan her demise, and a creature still lurks in the deep hole that was once her trailer park, Grace’s Uncle makes his move to destroy Grace, her family, and the exiles once and for all.

In true form, Grace faces these obstacles armed with a smart mouth and a tricksy bard by her side. The resolve of the exiles in Shady Grove will be tested by an ancient evil feared by humans and fairy alike. Will they stand behind their misfit Queen? Or will they turn on her when she needs them the most?

Wedding Bells
buckets of blood

With spirits high after a win at the Battle of Trailer Swamp, the citizens of Shady Grove get together to celebrate the nuptials of Astor Knight and Ella Jenkins. The happy day is interrupted by a warning from the Summer Queen, Rhiannon. Will she follow through with her threat?


A group of Native American shaman arrives to bless Dylan’s son, Aydan with his Thunderbird inheritance. The blessing is more than Grace and Levi could have ever expected. Will Aydan be able to bear the burden his father left behind?

Tennyson’s sources provide evidence that Uncle Brock is up to no good in the Otherworld as he searches for a weapon that Oberon concealed that could destroy Shady Grove and the whole human world. Can the Exiles make their move fast enough to stop him?


The wolf pack has their own secrets. Multiplying members. Bullying. Hazing. Prize Fights. Troy and Dominick fight to control the pack. Is one of the pack a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

As plans for war escalate, Grace and Levi must make a dangerous trek into the Winter Otherworld. Will all who enter survive? Will those who are left behind in Shady Grove be safe?

Grace begins to ask herself if the impending war is worth it or should she call off the dogs? Perhaps she should ask the dead.

Characters of the

Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen

Grace’s throne isn’t on the ballot until she walks into town.


Grace Ann Bryant, Queen of the Exiles, lives in Shady Grove, Alabama, a small one-horse town where the population is mostly fairies. Since taking over the title as their Queen, Grace has found the job to be an overwhelming task. So, the citizens decide to hold a council election to support the fairy population and the natural trouble that arises. However, when a legitimate challenger slithers into town, the throne is suddenly for grabs.


Amidst fending off the challenge, a Kitsune rolls into town looking for a mate, and she has her sights set on Grace’s fiancé, Dylan. Grace has to fight for her throne, her fiancé, and her life, as her challenger pushes the limits.


If you think human elections can be wild, just wait until you see how manipulative and vindictive fairies can be! When it’s all said and done, Grace discovers the true snake in the grass, but at what cost? The true power she faces is beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

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