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Chantilly Lace

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Frivolous Magic

When Lacey finds a trunk full of magical tomes in her attic, she just assumes that it’s all fun and games.



You know what happens when you assume?



Chantilly Lace Ashcraft is a typical college student who is trying to define herself in this big world. While dabbling with the spells from her attic books, she draws more attention than she ever expected. A robed figure who calls himself, Ajax, warns her that her magic use is going to get her in trouble. He offers to help, but wary of the mysterious man, Lacey rejects his offer.


Lacey can’t stop using the spells once she learns more about her ability. When she saves a friend from certain death with that magic, she finds out that Ajax was right. They come for her. All of them.


Lacey’s focus turns from passing geology to running for her life. Is Ajax friend or foe? Does she have enough knowledge to save herself? How are her closest friends involved? To what lengths will her enemies go to contain or siphon her power?


Frivolous Magic is book one in the Chantilly Lace Series by Kimbra Swain. It’s a New Adult magical adventure based in the south.















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There is a fine line between ambition, passion, and obsession.

Lacey Ashcraft's dedication to perfecting her magic is the kind of drive all mentors hope for in a student. Mesmerizing her partners in the Arcanium, Lacey's abilities and proficiency multiply with each day of her training.

Stanwick's search for her expands to include the demented mage, Norman Coats. From the first moment he sees Lacey's white hair, he becomes infatuated with her beauty. A treasure to capture and possess. Stanwick and Coats will stop at nothing to bring her under their submission.

Culpepper watches as the drive to learn becomes more than ambition for Lacey. It's an obsession fueled by revenge and hatred for those who took her family away.

Mastering the six elements is not enough. She focuses on the center power of magic, Life. How far will Lacey go to avenge her aunt's death?

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Blurb and Release Date Coming Soon!

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