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Indie Author Resources

Disclaimer: I've listed resources that I've personally used. Absence from this list does not imply that the resource is bad. It just means I haven't used it. 

Book Cover Artists

I'm only listing artists that I've worked with because I know their stock and art is legit. There are a couple that I worked with that I won't list simply because the experience wasn't ideal. 

Hampton @TS95 Studios

(Path to Redemption, Original Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen, Psyche of Disaster, Out of the ATL Trilogy)

Sharon @ Fantasia Cover Design

(Dog River Wolfpack #Trailerverse, Legend of a Vampire Reject, Harbinger High, Untitled Series)

Rebecca @ Bewitching Book Covers

(Cimmerian Anthologies)

Annika @ Ravenborn Cover Designs

(The Immortal Coil, Soraya Series #Trailerverse)

Jay @ Covers by Juan

(Chronology of Fate series, Magic City Blues #Trailerverse, Revival of the Sanhedrin #Trailerverse, Extreme Angel Games)

Loraine @ Ryn Katryn Design

(Chantilly Lace Series)

K.D @ Story Wrappers

(La Calavera, Children of Hyperion)

Adam @ MoorBooks Design

(The Young Elementals, The Enchanted Gardener)

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